withholding no love from thee

i’ve added
asking if i
can have another
opportunity. please,
please, God. i can
hear: those who can
be trusted with little,
can be trusted with much.
You’re laughing a little,
enjoy, don’t consume
yourself with the end.
how i’ve taken away
from this command:
so many of these
people have more
experience than me.
i don’t want to break
any rules. i don’t under
stand why i was chosen—
& my brain will beg me
run away; heart longing
for this good you’ve given
while i ask, please be all
i see?

what do you do when you start overly worrying about good and bad case scenarios from a beautiful opportunity? write a poem about it. and pray i’m overflowed with grace and keep my eyes on Jesus.

Prayers would be appreciated, please.

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