heaven knows no bounds

et’s sit here,
God, while i
lean against
Your invisible
should i say
my own. today,
are you content
inside my bones?
a heaviness lingers
behind my eyes—
i need to cry reasons
i am unsure. last night,
You said, taste & see
I AM good, close
enough as your next
prayer: help me see You
here. in the morning, i
hear a cat purr into
the phone—“pretty
kitty, she’s licking
the phone,” i imagine
he’s smiling as he says
this—we take in the
happy kitty miles apart,
my soul stills.

sometimes when i’m confused about why I have expectations or crazy hopes, God pulls me back to what i’m always drawn to: small. i swear God has me made to see unseen things people probably wouldn’t notice. like a cat purring miles away, like she knows your voice. or your uncle repeating your grandpa’s call for him down the hall, and it makes you laugh so loud.

it’s simply profound.

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