coming for you

while rain pours
out from heaven,
am i still your
favorite? distraction—
books about you,
voices & feet loud
with demand, make
me cry with rebellion.
God—pull together
heaven & earth to
help me see through
my doubt that says
don’t move. he’s not

fmf prompt: favorite. sometimes i forget about Jesus. more times than i’d like to admit, i run ahead of Jesus. way. since i started this book launch, i’ve reached out to people all: i wish being a book reviewer could be a job! i’m thinking about signing up to review books for this publisher. and then i wait, while pushing away the desire to buy a book from Amazon when i have books. BUT I REALLY WANT TO READ AGAIM GOD. FICTION. AND WHAT I HAVE ISN’T GETTING AT ME! (I only scream that loud in my head..)

I have been telling Jesus: i want to fall in love with reading again! not only non-fiction. but fiction and maybe poetry (i find it weird i write it & i’m not a reader of it.) at different times this week, i’ve heard Him whisper: those who can handle little, can be trusted with much. i try to move Him along by signing up for those book review things. and check my email like a crazy person.

And Jesus says, do what i’ve given you. And what I don’t tell Him, but what He already knows?

I think He  gives more to favorites.


4 thoughts on “coming for you

  1. I think we all go through seasons where we chase after Him with these longings of our heart. And He meets us in them and promises that He’ll give us the desires of our heart, wrapped quite neatly in what we need, rather than what we want. Praying that He continues to lead and guide your dreams. Blessings, FMF friend.

    • “wrapped quite neatly in what we need, rather than what we want.” This is the hardest for me to grasp lately: need over want. I’m thankful He is patient with me when I’m so far from that.

      Thank you so much for the prayers. May He bless you too. 🙂

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