when i did nothing at all

after 2 a.m.
i read how
Ezekiel ate
a scroll full
of woe. i’ve
eaten mourning
& lament through
separation of earthly
love—i couldn’t tell
you whether honey
filled my belly because
sorrow is a soggy salty
pretzel that sits heavy
after consumption.
sitting in the dark,
think of how God
promises this prophet
obstinance i know is real
with within me. he tells
Ezekiel, i am sending you
to a rebellious people—
say to them: this is what
the Sovereign Lord says,
turn from the wind & look
up, up, up beyond the cloud,
repent for the kingdom is all
around. Lord, hear this confession:
my forehead is as hard as stone,
my feet lead, for when I feel a breeze
I think another country, Africa maybe.
England. France will fulfill my longing.
but then as You move right in front of me,
I am blind—when my father hugs me
goodbye & instead of rejoicing for
what has never been a regularity,
I try comprehending Your majesty.


3 thoughts on “when i did nothing at all

  1. Well as long as I’ve been alive I’ve never been able to comprehend the majesty of God! The Bible says it is so and I believe . It really is right in front of you in fact it is you! God made you and he’s majestic therefore so are you ! This is how I see it sweet one! 💜💜💜

      • OH yay! Please do! You are a miracle and a wonderful blessing sweet one there is not a speck of bad or meanness or anything bad…only good! I see that in your! ❤ ❤

        Here a song for you! You can go here in your mind as you know! A place to reunite with your inner Julia! That sweet one you hide! I love you!

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