i can’t bear you go your own way

do you love
yes, Lord. this
follower who
gave a rooster
reason to crow
not once. do you
love me, Peter?
you know i do; again
the bird opens beak
wide. caw, caw.
(weren’t you with
this man?)—do
you love me, Peter?
his cheeks grow red,
Lord, yes! you know
i do! (you know this man,
no?) caw, caw, caw!
then, come follow me.
for when you were young,
you clothed yourself in
best intentions & brought
a smile to your face when
you swung your feet close
enough to forget the gravity
of earth. when wrinkles crease
your face, you will be asked, can
your arms stretch?, while a mysterious
hand leads you along gravel path—for
this, my dear son, is love.

I wonder if my best intentions when i was young, were trying to walk in hopes I’d be healed of cerebral palsy. Compared to now: God asking me to be his helpless child, so his love can fill me. Totally still stubborn, but I don’t try walking to get healed. I’m just get lost in his word. Instead of worrying where I am going. He is where my help will come from. And the late nights with him,even while I don’t feel good, are a beautiful thing. 🙂

I’m wanting to wrap my arms around him. all the time.

One thought on “i can’t bear you go your own way

  1. Oh wow you touched on an interesting subject healing! However your spirit is not sick or have a disease and just because it’s house looks different doesn’t mean it’s the wrong house!
    I’m a little like you my perspective has changed!
    Someone said to me once that God knew you would be born into these particular circumstances this is maybe you mission or purpose or whatever people call it! To open your heart and share! Maybe if you were running around all over the place things would be different!
    You sit at the feet of beautiful grace daily and bath in peace share your lovely sweet heart like this and I melt! Everything falls away but this moment right here with you Julia SweetOne. My phone says that is your name! ❤️❤️❤️I love you

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