in the garden,
earthly side of
heaven i sit—

i love you
falls swift off
their tongues

through screen.
mouth & my heart
beats a question

yet to forget.
why, when i
will make mistake?

tension crawls
inside, a clenched
fist ready to knock

truth sustaining
my next breath.
he’s holding

something back
from you, i hear
the serpent remark.

don’t you see
you9 still stuck?
he laughs.

i throw a rock
of your promise—
he has plans

to prosper me
not harm—
it is good

to wait upon
the Lord, he
will fight for me

even as i am
still. i may have
many problems,
but Jesus
delivers me
from all


he chokes
on belief,

sometimes you have to write out the truth, to release the tension that keeps tightening your insides. and imagine your throwing rocks at the devil.. though i know i’d scream or say “oh,God, please.” if i i saw a serpent.

God promises peace,though. His peace. Not the kind the world gives. (lately i’m thinking this is commercials that will instantly make me want dunlin donuts sugary frappes..), but the promise not to let my heart be troubled or afraid because he is God.

and i’m not the one in control. or need to know all the answers.

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