so i may see

when I let
go, close
you come
again. with
open hands
I whisper,
make a way,
for I have nothing,
but your word
burning the seed
within; see I am
making a way through
the wilderness, streams
in the desert. those streams
my tears at how you love
impossibility, lavishing
compassion unforgettable

so, i wrote a post a few days ago, about not being able to praise God because I was excited/nervous/doubting I would get chosen for a ticket to Emily’s launch party. by the end of saturday night, i gave up checking my email like a crazy person. (the deadline was then anyway.) And really, God was waiting for me to let go of it and give it to him. sunday, I was worrying about when a blog tour is for a book review. (get ready, this is going tone a new edition to the blog next month :

today, someone emailed about the dates for the blog tour. and tonight, I received an email from Emily’s assistant,, with an invite for me + a guest to join the Simply Tuesday launch party. Let me just say, I pretty much sat on my bed and texted friends and my brother the news, while spitting out random whats and hows to God.

And everyone is all: are you going to hp?! I say, I want to. It’s in North Carolina. I need a driver. (like I’m British..) I REALLY REALLY want to go with Megan. Money for a hotel because there is no way we could do a three hour 53 min drive  back. That’s like 8 hours in the car. I love the car, but it’d be seriously late by the time we got back.

Part of me is like: You’re crazy if you accept this. You have no idea if it’ll work.You should say no.

The other: What is possible for man is possible for God. You wanted to get out of your comfort zone, didn’t you?

This was a complete surprise (I’m noticing God likes those a lot more than my wanting to know nature does) & I can’t help but believe God will make a way. by or before Wednesday at 5.

The tears and laughter are mingling within me. And the shaking…


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