& deem a miss 

Here I am again,God–after a long 
night where I fell

into sin, thinking 

of Adam & Eve 

naked in Eden.

How where they 

unashamed, twined

together with your footsteps

their heartbeat inside? I cry,

dumbfounded as to how I want

such a thing when I chase death–

dreaming a man will hold closest 

my heart, my hand, kiss me at 

dawning light. Who will give me

milk and honey by the breath of

the Word encased within his chest,

In the beginning was the Word (love)

& the Word became flesh, the visible 

God, He who loved best, sacrificing 

death, to which I do not compare.

God, I dream of a man who will 

read read me Your Word of unfailing 

love–fearing the apple of his throat 

may betray my flesh.
** I’m reading this book and it’s making me look at myself. I’m not sure I like it..I also apparently process through poetry. Also, this book has made me tear and ache and wow.

There’s going to be a review here sometime this month. 


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