For Us, Wild in the Hollow

*I was given a review copy in exchange for my honest opinion*

I came across the introduction of Wild in the Hollow through a post on Amber’s blog. When I read the words, “We often hold on to memories, places, people, and things because there’s something of home in them.” I wanted to cry. Someone finally put to words the answer to a question I’ve always had.

Why do I hold so tightly?

I’ve been told since I was young, that I have a death grip. Being born with Cerebral Palsy, my left side is stronger than my right. When I feel I am about to fall, I try grasping for anything that will give me control. Amber’s story, though different is exactly the same.

If I conform, I will fit. I think everyone can relate to this on some level. We want to fit with the world. We want to please. We want to fill up our brokenness with anything that is convenient.

We want to appear fine, so we will be accepted. What I loved most about Amber’s story, the desire of want that lead her to everything else before Jesus. What could be bought. What could be consumed. God showed himself through the need. The desperation

She saw this on a trip to Haiti, where there is poverty but so much joy.

“The hope I saw and heard among Jesus’s people in Haiti was the kind that makes the lame walk.”

In Tuscany, where people were content in the giving of their work.

“I saw this love of work everywhere, how the old man etched at leather and the young man proudly scooped his father his father’s gelato.” 

I was fascinated by how she came to revelation of Jesus through two countries outside of the United States. How he is joyful, giving in the midst of hollowness. This opened up my eyes to how we all desire,

If you want to come face to face with your desire for home, read this book.

If you like poetic verse that weaves truth through pain, read this book.

If you want to know why pieces of your childhood always seem distant yet close, read this book.

Amber wrote , “Hope is not without a wait.” I hope you don’t wait too long to pick up this book.

Homesickness was never meant to be journeyed alone. But with Jesus.. The healer through our sorrows.

*image taken from here*


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