because we all need good conversation

I’ve always longed for Tuesday people, people who let me go crazy, be quiet & spam them about books. Pray for me. And have convos about God. God has given me those friends slowly. Through my blog. Through a magazine I wrote for & school when I went for a while. But God has also put this distance between them & I, which makes the time that much more precious.

If you buy Simply Tuesday between now & the 28th, you get a free conversation guide to talk about the book with your Tuesday peeps! 

Or those that may become your Tuesday people. ☺️ (There’s going to be an heavy influx of posts about this book between now and next Tuesday. Poetry & I are still tight, but I’m feeling there is going to be shift in what I publish here. Maybe poetry and book reviews? just a heads up. ❤️)

And if you could share any way you can, with anyone you think would needs this book, please pass it along.

This is message has gone deep into my, especially with finding out I HAVE A RIDE TO THE LAUNCH PARTY! With Megan. I’ve already spent some time today freaking out about how this will work. But, that familiar whisper keeps coming, “trust me.” And this peace breathe in me

It pretty much cracks me up because God knew Megan was going to take me. Within the last week, I’ve watched how when something seems like a no. I cry even though God said He’d make a way. Despite me being all: So, hey what’s going on? How much longer the wait? You sure you want me to go? It’s amazing enough to be a part of the launch team…

But God always does something small and miraculous whenever I’ve gone somewhere with Megan. Jamie-Grace concert: a FREE show in her town that came together last minute. We almost couldn’t get in because my walker broke.  We both kind of just stared at it, and this nurse comes right over (makes me laugh right now..) and goes, “Oh, I know all about those. I can fix that!.” And we thanked her (think Megan did because I was too in awe.) and went in. All about in 5 minutes.

Marc Martel concert: the room he was playing in was all cement floor and you had to stand. But Megan asked for a chair. And the Stamp Guy (yeah, I just made up a name for him..) gave me one after everyone came in. The best was my apparent pushing her into Marc, so she could give him her poetry books for him and his former band, downhere. It was awesome to watch and be apart of.

God takes us on seriously interesting adventures together. And I’ve been her friend for only a year. It’s awesome what he does in, through our friendship I always see the depth of his love for each other and how he shows up for us. It’s beautiful, really.

I can’t wait to see what he does during this trip. 🙂


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