Simply Tuesday

Having Cerebral Palsy, I have always felt the world moves too fast.

From the way we are bombarded with Facebook notifications. 

Text messages. Emails. Instagram feeds.

We are constantly thus into a state of response.

We talk, read, eat so we can move on to the next task.

In Simply Tuesday, Emily brings answer to a question I’ve silently asked Jesus.

Why doesn’t the world slow down? 

Most days, I forget I ask myself the same question. Even with walking slower, my soul whirls on the same. I want more than my soul can hold. 

Like books I will never read. Or medium-sized coffees with enough sugar to zap the energy from me. Or dreams of being published in a high-paying magazine.

But smallness, at least in my experience, is where God draws closest. When we are rushing around, we often miss this.

Trees waving in the breeze.

The way the summer sun casts a shimmering light before setting for the night.

A hug in the midst of a hard day.

A “thinking of you” text when grief is hard-pressed against you.
A respelling of your name and nicknames (Jewelia, Twink, Somp, LA are some of mine..) that seem to make your heart smile.

Sitting with people you love around a pan of lasagna, talking about life.

A friend falling asleep on you while watching the Chronicles of Narnia.

A friend who lets a conversation linger in the middle of of busy workday.

Singing made-up songs until you are laughing hard.

A cat with wide green eyes who nuzzles you like you’ve been gone years

The way someone holds your hand, looks you in eye that makes you tremble inside because you know are being seen.

Staring at stars for the first time.

This is our smallness in the presence of Christ. This is how he deeply touches my life. 

Read this book. It’ll help you see the kingdom of God in your crazy, busy life.


All I want to say is it’s been an honor to be apart of Emily’s launch team for this book. It’s helped me appreciate my smallness, my desperate need for Jesus and how I want him lead me in love, rather than be pushed by fear. For all the people I’ve met through this experience, shocks me.

I hope you’ll get this book and linger with your smallness on a bench for awhile. Your soul will thank you. ☺️


15 thoughts on “Simply Tuesday

  1. I definitely need to be reminded of this, too. My favorite small moments are when you’re just looking up at a too-tall tree and just…Wow. God made this, and He made me, too. 🙂

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