who looked over me with compassion

i think one angel
moved to sit beside me
here in this darkened room.
was it her—grandma? alone,
i know not what to say, i am
afraid i am wrong. suddenly
i mourn the presence of woman

fmf prompt: alone. it’s 2:10 a.m. i tried going to sleep at 12 something but found myself staring at the ceiling, crying. it’s been a very difficult two weeks for me. disappointment. hiding true feelings about it only to fight with God about being so angry over not getting what want. and hurt. and joyful over giving this thing (launch party tickets) to someone closer). And then absolute silence. From what feels like God.

I don’t understand why when I am hurting, He brings new and dear friends, where we share our hearts, prayers and somehow through the waiting and confusion, there is God’s love. May not be as I’d like but my heart lifts the same.I love how he loves me through them & lets me do the same/ Also, I wrote the poem to this. Still makes me emotional every time. i totally understand the song now.

9 thoughts on “who looked over me with compassion

  1. I’m a little behind you at #63 on the linkup this week at FMF. Beautiful. So sorry that you are hurting. And you are right that you are not alone. We prompted on “here” a couple weeks back. If you have time, I highly encourage you to go read some of those. God was pouring out a reminder that He is here and He is real. Mine that week was a poem.
    Reach out and you will find His comfort. Every time. I hope you continue to join us every week now!

    • Hey Tammy–I’ve been doing fmf since last October I think, so I’ve been around ☺️ thank you, I know God has a plan for all the hurting. I just wish it could be hurried to the end. But I read in romans yesterday, I’m in enlarged in the waiting. I’m still trying to understand exactly what that means for me, but I know He’s with me. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment. I appreciate it. ❤️

  2. Dear Julia, thank you so much for your prayers and for the art work you shared with Michelle Marie for my daughter, Jodie Lynne. I was holding on to her by my finger tips and God’s Grace and I so appreciate the way you jumped on

  3. board with your prayers. Jodie Lynne says we all saved her life with our prayers and I know for sure that I almost lost her that night. She has a long tough road ahead of her and she asks for your continued prayers and thanks you for the art. Love, Jeanne Marie

  4. I love this post and the poem. It’s so beautiful the way God brings us all together, in our pain and in our joy. I have been in the middle of moving and not here much, but hope to get back on track soon. God brought Michelle Marie into my life with her Pink Trees and now you have blessed my daughter and I with your prayers. Thank you.

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