Not by Sight

I’ve not been into romance novels lately, let alone fiction, but once I read a review comparing Not by Sight by Kate Breslin to Downton Abbey, I was intrigued.

Not by Sight tells the story of Grace Mabry and Jack Benningham—a duchess and earl who have a chance meeting at a charity ball.

Grace is there with her maid, Agnes,in hopes to bring her twin brother, Colin home from war in France. When she sees Jack among the other guests, she goes to present him with a feather of cowardice.

Jack, who there is at this ball on a mission for the MI5, is overtaken by Grace’s auburn hair and green dress. He loses sight of his target.

When I read this all in chapter one, I felt the whole thing was kind of cheesy and Downton-like. Because of course they’d meet at a ball thrown by Countess. Also, throughout the whole story, I kept thinking Jack was a spy, not a spy-catcher.

I probably should’ve looked that up as I did with so many other words. This book was full of words I never knew. Example: toilette—nothing to do with toilets (yes, I thought it was a special spelling of the French ..), but one’s appearance.

Seriously, who now would that when speaking to friends or significant other? Oh, I’ll be back girls, I must fix my toilette! Unless you’d like to come with..

Sorry, I couldn’t help it, it’s just hilarious people talked liked that in 1917.

I don’t know how to continue writing this review, without giving the entire story away. I had a very difficult time staying interested throughout this book. It seemed to build very slow and it took me a longtime to adjust to the third person,

Kate did a beautiful job pulling me back into the story with the characters and relationships.

If you like historical fiction mixed with romance, I would read this.

If you like mystery, this will satisfy.

And of course if you like Downton—with lady’s maids, royalty, and forbidden love, then I may suggest Amazon? 🙂

Oh, and let me know if you think this should be a new show on PBS.

*I was given a copy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion*


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