you still choose me

So yesterday, I suddenly had the urge to people holding hands. I’ve been wanting to do this for days, but have been distracted by the way my heart’s been feeling lately–heavy. 

So I decided to look up a tutorial. The first one seemed easy enough until I got to a certain step and then I became confused.

Then another one wouldn’t load the pictures and the video was too fast.

And then I found this guy, Mark Crilley, who apparently draws manga, but also realism. He’s very talented and clear enough for me to follow along and pause enough that I’m not completely lost.

Like those hands up above, I never knew I could draw those. Seriously most of what I draw is deformed. When I did yesterday, I had a focus I’ve never had and an ease where I wasn’t so tense. I wanted to jump up and down when I finished.

And he has drawing lessons each Friday, so this maybe a new thing for me. I could kinda tell after I watched more of his videos about how to draw cats and eyes.

I may try drawing Goku from dragon ball z 😂


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