The Chase

  • How can a guy who doesn’t know Jesus understand the spiritual depth of your heart?–Kyle Kupecky

After finishing The Chase by Kyle and Kelsey Kupecky last night, I have been more honest with myself about past relationships, and waiting for the guy God has for me.

From my early teens, I have always wanted a boyfriend. Someone I could feel protected with. Laugh with. Share with. Love with. Hope with. (All of these sound very cliche, but true.)

In the relationships I have had with guys, I always felt unfilled and never knew why. Sure, I loved the hand holding. Being wrapped in someone’s arms. The kissing. Long talks. Being told I was beautiful over and over.

Jesus was always missing though. And I never knew because I didn’t know Him. Or that relationships without Him at the center, fail. Even though this book is targeted toward high school girls, I loved how Kyle and Kelsey wrote this to appeal to any girl.

I found the telling of their story in both prospectives refreshing. I looked forward to the a dice and encouragement Kyle gave in each chapter. Some of my favorite pieces were:

  • Girls, the right guy will place significance on your character, confidence, and passion for Jesus.
  • When a godly guy is leading, the girl is heard and put first.
  • Be defined by God’s love.

Kelsey had great encouragement as well. A question she posed in the book that I was compelled to write down:

  • Is beauty the most important thing?

She then went onto list three messages the world sends out. My favorite being, Inner beauty doesn’t catch anyone’s eye. This made think of the verse in the Bible that says man looks at the outer appearance, while the Lord looks at the heart.

It’s easy for me to be wooed by what a guy looks like on the outside. What he says. But at the heart, I always want to know about the depth of the guy, if words lead to action. I’ve been fooled by a guy’s words, but still hoped his heart told a different story.

After reading this book. I’ve had talks with God about beautiful I’m choosing to wait for.

A man who will lead, love, and run to God with me.

*I was given a copy of The Chase in exchange for my honest opinion*

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