or must salt make my bed?

resistance, the snare
a serpent delights chaining
my foot within. i scream,

desert father, please,
i only meant to share
Your name, the mighty

strength of Love I can
not comprehend—
stooping low with

a touch of light
against my hand,
where I became broke

end. embarkation
to a home now foreign
ground. I sat at the table

with McDonald’s, turning
round to see her presence
gone—finally preset with you,

Lord. I am not the original
space fan, one to like distance
between—the little bird separated

by the window & myself rise
with healing on Your wing,
garment of praise for this

sorrow sackcloth. am I
to be the oak planted
for Your splendor?

Your words remain
as I cry in this season
of rain. may I hear

the processional
once again, a
hallelujah extend

a long way, to these
watery ears? to lift
my spirit up again,

Dear Jesus, thank you for musicians like this. The way he sings Your Word does something to my insides. The honesty and love for you is evident. Please continue blessing his music, his life. And Josh, thank you for your inspiring music 🙂 It’s been quite awhile since I wrote a poem to song titles, but this one just fell out. out of my eyes & heart. I think it may be one of my favorites.


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