in love with hello

she said,
I cannot feel
Your love. God,
in my heart. my
bones are chilled,
as if soup’s been
left out too long
& I sip from spoon
because I am fine.
You see through me,
not ignorantly, no.
the way I imagine
You’ve looked at me
unformed—with intent
absent shun I cast on’
myself, because it is
easier than admitting
I would like to fall

one of the lies the Devil’s been whispering in my ear lately: Are you sure that’s from God? Could be a trap… He has me second-guessing every person who comes into my life life. He whispers that they could hurt me and they’re lying to you, so be afraid. Don’t trust.

But God keeps whispering: Do not be afraid, I’m your sun & shield & I’m protecting you, whom I withhold no good thing from because I sent My Son, whose walk was blameless, for you. So you go ahead & be broken. I am with you, even as you are dismayed  I will strengthen you, uphold you with my righteous right hand. I care for you. I am guiding & blessing you./

There’s no shame anymore, My child. I know how hard you are on yourself, but I didn’t intend striving to be how You find me. I don’t care about perfect efforts. The heart I see behind the skin is tired. You must rest in My arms. Speak to Me and I will listen. Even as you are quiet, I understand the groans within. Don’t worry, I will provide your needs always & the desires of your heart I delight in..

Patience, My child. I’ve kept track of the tears you’ve cried & I promise I haven’t forgotten about you. Your name’s inscribed on my palm: Julia. my fair haired one, your joy will be again. You will sure as the sun, smile again,. I promise.

Love, Your Daddy


2 thoughts on “in love with hello

  1. You’re not alone in that. I promise it’s happening to me and others as well. Keep your head up and keep walking. We will make it through to the other side with each other and our Father. Sending you peace and love.

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