the inner me

we sit here
in the middle
of the night,
because I can
not sleep—
Jesus, this hurts.
an ache in both
sides, two thorns
bidding me bleed
out Your nam.
grace sufficient
enough to trust
You will. are

fmf: trust. it’s funny to me that I wrote this at midnight & my promise for today was His grace being sufficient for me. for his power is made perfect in weakness. Thanks Jesus, for holding me so close to thee & telling me truths I don’t yet see.

3 thoughts on “the inner me

  1. Hi,
    I found your blog through FMF and I’m so glad I stopped by. I enjoyed your passion for poetry and the intensity of the emotions you expressed by using a few simple words. That is the great power of poetry. It transcends the words used to construct it in order to reach at profound truths. I look forward to reading more! God Bless You!

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