less than goodwill

cold, ached
bones sit under
a comforter, thread
unable to warm the loss.
God of all comfort & mercy,
in whom I place my hope—
I hear whispers kind; miles
wide from this one place.
two hearts green, welcome
me from the glass—a sign
Love won’t soon leave me

Jesus, i love how the author of this book, commented on my photo of her book, with two green hearts. It made me smile because I know it’s You. She doesn’t know me or that green is y favorite color. Or that this week I’ve felt crazy and rude to those who love me. And hot and cold and sleepy. And yet You’re all: Hey, Julia, I love you. Whether you are feeling it or not, I do. And I’m fighting all those lies of you thinking I’m angry or you needing to perfect for Me to love you. Or that I will hurt you or never give you what you want. It grieves me you think this way, so I’m keeping you still for awhile, so You can see how deeply I love you.

And to that I say, thank You.

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