with joy again.

from this one
place, the blinks
from my eyes ache

I saw what I saw
& left undone
to wonder if

honesty is where
I go wrong—blessed
are the pure in heart,

for they shall see
God, the Word come
alive in broken. why

it matters, I could
ask a million times,
but light burnsy shadows

I can’t hide—it’s me,
who sheds words
like a skin, until

I am awakening
to an empty I beg
be forgot—in this

space, know
my heart needs
no different kinds

of happy, fleeting
as they are, God,
I beg: wake me

writing to/with Sara Groves song titles is the best. I don’t know what it is when i’m sick, but I feel her music on deep, deep levee. I’m so thankful for her and her art 🙂 And God, for letting me get lost with him. and not letting go of my heart.


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