for eternity holds me

in a perfect world,
I’d say the Word
who took one look
at the remake I followed
to turn my hopes higher—

Love, I can’t tell
I’m an impersonator;
invisible chains make
a stalemate of this strait-
jacket I can’t seem shed.

oh, to take on the world,
say yes! yes! I’ll help you!—
a magnetic force tempting
me keep our (world) love
remains, but I’m a dead

ringer, a pharisee trying
my best to follow every
rule. I believe that will
get me seen, never left.
one beat from a heartbreak.

here, in the broken Eden,
my thoughts are up in the air
where my dreams take me
back to the dance & my laugh,
as you swing me in the paradise;

8th wonder I haven’t seen.
no telling what we could do
next—humility has only ached
truth; I am detestable to myself-
Love never fails welcome anyway.

So, I put on Marc Martel earlier and this came out. I love how I am getting back into writing with song titles. It really stretches me and makes me focus though I’m losing myself in the music. Megan, I don’t know how often you red my blog, but thank you again for taking me to this concert, and being my friend. If you want to introduce me to more music, so I can write poetry to it, go ahead. You know you just want to sit me next to another amp 😉 now, i just gotta write a poem to downhere. ❤

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