You’re never giving
up the pursuit of this
heart to be found by you.

in bodrum, near
the castle, a place
I’ve never dared go—

I’ll imagine you resting
back against a fortress
unlike you, my God—the

only safety for the widowa
in this so-called paradise
we beg never perish, for

the fatherless in Yspilanti
(this whole wide earth)—
look up at the cloudy sky,

blocking light we came
from. “it’s Me.” You cry
inside chests unable

believe we walk on
water, trample serpents
by their heads. forget

the shotgun, let the
angels lift me above
stoning lie: unlovely,

so I may wrap my arms
around Your name, know-
ing I am the original spacefan;

rebelling with all sisu to keep
away. You know I’m just and just
as dust—leaving me nowhere to go

except the ground—the start
of the mosaic You paint from
helpless cries: be my only.

another poem from song titles, this time while a playlist was on shuffle. some of these were seriously difficult to use, but I love how God pulls it all together.


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