prayer’s prelude

middle of night
I rest my head
against the board

& we commune.
You are light,
I think to myself.

outside, I imagine
stars are noticeable
with my blurry vision.

beneath my frame,
your longing rushes
through my body—

a child inaudibly
laughing, running,
coming toward me

until I am lifted;
held in the arms
of the unseen.


i don’t know what it is about midnight and Jesus lately, but it feels like this:

chemicals I’m wading
thought I heard you saying
you love me more than words could ever groan
chemicals I’m wading
all my skin is grating
like stars giving birth inside my bones

my thought prayers go everywhere; He rejoices. it actually feels like he’s dancing & laughing without a sound. it’s interesting how i feel like he’s giving me a hug. it’s a warmth I’ve never felt, steady.


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