in beauty.

instead of bacon for breakfast,
I ate burritos—bean & cheese.
I thought of nothing but the way
you want to give me joy in exchange
for any bitterness I have toward people,
places, myself I can’t change. I walk down
the hall, watch the light from the window dance
across the wall and stare like the child you see
inside, lost in love you’ve trapped

fmf: bacon. this is probably one of the most interesting prompts I’ve done since joint this community. I saw it last night and said,”bacon?” quite a few times aloud. *insert laughing emoji here*


2 thoughts on “in beauty.

    • I love how you say “surrender all our “rights” to the Lord.” It seems terrifying to surrender, but I love learning how Jesus is teaching me love knows best, even though it doesn’t make sense. I’m learning I have no idea what is best for me. I’m so thankful He is patient and eager to show me 🙂

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