my love for you.

 let me focus not on the ‘no’–

the way you say it,

gentle enough for water

to flow out of my eyes & in

this open space. my Jesus,

how I am your little child, daddy!

daddy, daddy! I can, want, must 

do this! and how you just smile–

I know, but you must slow, receive 


my focus this week has been on me and what want/think I should be doing. You know what that is? Let’s launch a billion books! Jesus in his kindness watched me cry over a sort of a rejection letter from a launch team from a well known author, Annie Downs, to telling someone else no to helping launch her book, because my motives were purely to launch a book and maybe to help but mostly just to launch another book about Jesus..

Hello, world, meet Julia, the striver. I make myself sick, really. Want, want, want. And Jesus says, I want you, not the striver, my beloved girl.

Even as you are faithless, I AM faithful to love you. 

(this verse won’t let me go.)


One thought on “my love for you.

  1. Your poem is beautiful. I love the reminder that we don’t need to strive, just to slow down and receive Jesus’ love. I find that hard too. It’s hard when the answer is no to something we really want but i love that he says no gently and it is because he has better plans in mind for us.

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