absent unfold 

You are a stranger,

my Abba–the way 

you reach toward 

my soul, kindness 

I cannot stand. I am 

an obstinate child, 

your beloved going 

round & round: you 

love me because you 

are love. you are always

happy to see me–no matter 

the furrowed brow, tired bone–

you come sit beside, pull me gently inside 

your elbows & hush

the fugitive internal: I love you. 

Dear Abba,

though I am tired and quite a bit cranky, oh how you love me. oh how you make me laugh–you love to watch me smile, split open my tense jaw, laughing into the light. I want to cry though I am not sure why. my heart aches, and here you are. grace upon grace-desperate hands swooping me in an embrace I’ve ever longed stay.


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