this receiving reach 

morning comes-

a bird draws near 

my window with chipper

song: wake up, child. wake!

I listen, but the sky is dark & I 

am tired, cold bones, churning 

stomach. her song holds me, a 

sign of hope, word of your unfailing love-

-God, I want to 

stay in 

fmf: morning. Sickness is interesting in the way it makes cry out to God in a way I wouldn’t if I was fully better. There has been so many days over the last few weeks where I’ve been like: I can’t do this! I need so much help! Need to journal! Bible.. I’ve never been like this and somewhat distracted with the thoughts that are evil and so not kind about me. But promises keep coming and I like chilling with Jesus and acting crazy. I know he can take it, and I’m more alert to others pain.

It’s all very interesting. And I may be somewhat loopy  so sorry if this makes little sense.

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