through the cloud

I hear the news-

people aching, screaming 

to be heard, seen. Anxiety 

Is hiding beneath their bone 

& I know we are all the same,

wandering round: God, where 

are you? Do you hear me at all?

Part the sea, split the rock so we 

Can drink again–the river of your 

goodness again. Maybe we’re blind, 

because I saw the sun peek 

fmf: news. I listened to the news the other day and between 3 different stories I wanted to cry. So much pain and I wanted God to hold these people and show he is with them. Sometimes I feel naive because I don’t keep up on the news beside the little bit I catch from people or email. And the little bit typically breaks my heart. For God to do something. I’d like it to be spectacular, but small works, too.

“Shepherd, O GOD, your people with your staff, your dear and precious flock. Uniquely yours in a grove of trees, centered in lotus land. Let them graze in lush Bashan as in the old days in green Gilead. Reproduce the miracle-wonders of our exodus from Egypt.”‭‭Micah‬ ‭7:14-17‬ ‭MSG‬‬

I pulled this up today and thought to myself: please, please please! I’ve seen it but I’d love to see it again and again. So I’m sticking here to see.

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