hand ever guiding.

I awake to sunpeeking through blinds–

how I am, Abba. My eyes

are closed & yet sometimes 

I think these images in my mind

are mine alone. These works of

my hand–but no, who am I to think of good myself? I am short

of the glory, fallen in the mud with

wrong I choose to live beneath–
I’ve run apology into the ground, I’m sorry, Father. I’ll stay here because we know what a runner 

I am & I am prone to misunderstand. I’ve heard Your

face is radiant, voice inviting. It 

has been so long since I’ve laughed without fear, worrying 

an end.
I know Your power–I’ve seen the 

way You open doors out from danger, into wide spacious places.

Where the birds sing and flowers bloom & yet I cling to the earth

as if I hold any claim. 
But I never will, Abba. For all is a gift I know I don’t deserve, but You

say, I still want to give to you My heart. I cannot deny My faithfulness to you. 
I sit with the broken in my chest,

watching this red flow out, out, out

–ache waiting to once again meet

my Lover, speaking renewal.


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