no matter the washing ton rain

New York to California

I’ve never been, but the 

miles never bother when 

our heartbeats reach across

the screen. My thumbs 

become the air I breathe,

hope silent against your 

eardrum. A ghost you’ve 

sworn love before

I would pound anxiety 

with the innocence of a

child. hey mama, would you

pray I’m not overtaken 

by dark ready devour

when I’m not looking?

We will never be ready

if given chance to close 

distance, where I would

hold your hand & exclaim:

If this is coming home –

space wider than Oregon,

we must be in heaven, my

friend, for light in you has no end.


To a friend, who I’d trade these miles for a few days of Starbucks coffee and MAYBE finally write that collab πŸ˜‰ thank you for letting me # out my frustrations and always reminding God moves heaven and earth for us. Thank you for praying for me and encouraging and making me laugh from miles away. Thank you for being my friend, soul sister. It’s an honor being yours. πŸ’• 

I know there’s a lot poetry this week, I’m having a lot of time to sit and think and read. And watch God make me overwhelm with love for him.

For how he hears me, is watching over me and relentless in making me smile. If I had the energy to cry, I would. But I’m so thankful for all the people he’s placed in my life. I see him everywhere. Hear him. And my spirit is flying though I feel so weak.

I’m so thankful for the friends I’ve made through this blog. The people  who show up over and over regardless of how much I write. To God, for using this for glory and giving me a place to share my heart.

So much thankfulness. The encouragement here is phenomenal to me. Just thank you. Oh, and to the person with the blog name: don’t you forget about me, your name makes me smile huge. ☺️ thanks.

Ughh, God, thank you for hearing  ALL OF MY PRAYERS. No idea what you’re doing, but the way you’re delaying is filling me with such longing and expectation, I may explode soon. ❀️


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