covenant of love

Today I was
told to build

an ark: collect

every animal. 

2 of each kind

with my family

nestled safe this 

wooden home.

My master said 

he must wipe all

humanity away,

“I am grieved. All

of this bloodshed 

& anger I cannot stand.

Grab the wood, nails, hammer

& pound away. No matter the mockers, 

cynics, laughers–

they will all die away in flood

waters, sweeping the earth 

40 days & nights.”

But me, an old bearded

man, he saved.

Being sick has some awesome perks. Like being able to write to Jesus about things you don’t want to work through. Ex: unable to receive grace. He told me I won’t allow myself. Truth hurts in the best way. Because he knows I’m tired and hurting and I’m trying to work. 

And he whispers, rest. But my mind won’t hush, so I sit here and babble or stare into space. And in all honesty, I love this space we are in even if it’s hard. Really. Because my mind goes from his truth to insanity. As in lies about myself being a jerk and blah blah blah.

And then this song keeps playing in my head.

And this: He will bring me out into the light;

    I will see his righteousness.

Then my enemy will see it

    and will be covered with shame,

she who said to me,

    “Where is the Lord your God?”

My eyes will see her downfall;

    even now she will be trampled underfoot. Micah 7:9-10

And all my thoughts go: oh, shiny! Laughter, joy! Ooh..sun.

This a poem write from this prompt. Noah built the first boat. At least that’s what came to my head.

Okay, going to try and rest. Maybe.

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