beginning again 

And though my ears
crackle with not the burn 

of fire, but the trickle of water

asking stay inside–I hear You sing: open 

My hands & receive

the joy of wine without having a sip! I am 

no silhouette, but the red

coursing through your body where

I have made my home. The shoulders she 

always teased up

with a touch of her hand. Poised she 

wanted you to be, a princess, a lady in 

waiting, My beloved. I am the words you 

lost when it was over, but what did she 


He is Abel. To hold you. To guide you. To 

lead you. To love you when 

you don’t understand. & you beg, O God, 

forgive me what I do not 

understand, wanting answer & disregard 

of Your hand, the safest place in my 

hiding, wandering. Wondering. In the 

dark with the staff before me, You tend. I 

could be lost, horse stuck, spooked for 

what is to come, far as sun–but

oh, how I am catching glimpse,

the nearness of You, the goodness 

found in being still & knowing You 

are God.
prompt found here. Also, dear Jesus, I totally felt like I may have ceased striving a tiny bit with how much I didn’t try to devour the rest of Brazen or another book. Instead, I talked to you randomly about stuff all day and wrote. And the twinges of guilt I’ve had, pretty much tell me I so want to STOP FEELING THIS WAY. Because it’s ridiculous. Rest is good.


Yes please and thank you. (I think I may have also stole, or remember this from Amy Poehler’s book.. I like how this clearly shows she’s about manners.🙋 I also really love this emoji..I’m okay I promise. Making myself laugh or smile is becoming a thing.)


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