carpe & diadem

come dear love,run to me as the 

horse I rode in youth–

my muscles stretched 

to hold me steady, feet

hung midair–stars I’ve 

read one of them has my

name. this fair-haired child

aches with this burn I cannot

tame. I want to laugh out this 

joy holding close to my heart. 

but here, we sit and you bring 

me back into your lap. whisper 

in my ear: I am delivering you, 

taste & see it. Keep your mouth 

open, so I may fill your tongue 

with goodness, praise right to 

my eardrum. I revel in your laugh

-ter, the light in your 

eyes captivates me. Stay here in

this embrace; watch me 

make you sparkle.


Prompt here. I looked up carpe because I wanted to see if the title works and it’s hilarious, really. Seize, enjoy & jewel. 😂

Oh, Jesus, whatever you are doing to my inside, whew. I feel this joy bubbling out into a smile staring at the sun, just sitting here. You are driving me crazy in the best possible way. I know you see me mildly afraid of this joy, like it isn’t for me or something. But you say I can experience your joy. And it’s so whoa, and I feel okay until the lies come but you sing over me.

Hold me close. You’re just so ughh, kind, patient, hopeful, lovely. 

I’m just waiting for you to pull out a confetti canyon or a whole load of it falls out of the sky. That’d be cool.

And hilarious 🎉


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