the birds laugh quickly
after I finish my cry,
You never mock me.

You bring the healing  

my heart longs a forever,

more will tearless be.

This is my second attempt at writing haikus. After talking to someone about I cannot write a poem with form (free verse never seems like it has form to me though I’m sure it does.) I wanted to give them a go.

5-7-5  syallable is tough. Especially 7 syallable, but oddly fun. The second part is my favorite because I took verses of hymns I was listening to last night and meshed them together.

I’m thinking I may write more. I love when Jesus moves me to write in new ways and somehow always ALWAYS through music. 

Like this. I don’t know what it is about her music or when I hear her sing a hymn, but my insides get all mushy and I feel held. Calm. I’m forever thankful for her music and how honest she is. I’ve really learned how to cry out through her music and appreciate, love hymns.

God has been faithful. He will be again. His loving compassion, it knows no end.

Ughh, such good stuff. Beauty. ☺️

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