I cast out the fear sooner than you know

I see you looking over

at me — I move swift
yet contained inside 

this cylinder. I know 

what you’re thinking,

how can I be content

in, by such a small space?

In the way I catch your gaze,

darling, how you laugh like a 

child delighted at the circus.

but this is more than acrobats –

this is passion with one captivated

prompt here. Bob and Larry will watch over you, too because, God made you special and he loves you very much! (I can’t eat these.. I kinda wish they were stuffed animals because Larry may not be able to ask for his hairbrush pretty soon. 😂)

God will do anything to make me laugh or smile and I only realize when I’m in pain.and confusion and waiting I don’t understand. 

But I’m holding on to the fact He says He is patient and kind and won’t leave me alone. The candle only reminds me how shiny he must be and how I don’t want to fear. But it is harder than I thought to come undone and let someone in.

My Abba with the healing.


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