what an embrace there will be

Abba, I am
bloated with question:

can You be truly satisfied,

delighted in me? 

even as I choke on  

eulogies over all my 

fallen yesterdays?

great is Your faithfulness,

holding my right hand as 

I cower in the darkness.

Julia, I am here, don’t be afraid. 

Know I am God. Be still.

Lean into me. Let me love

magnificently through broken.

never have I, nor will forsake,

Omega am I, who cherishes you.

Put your hand in mine and you’ll 

quiet the voices pulling us away.

Rest in my easy way, unforced 

sayings of love shall mark a

thorn upon your of all I am clearing

uniquely away. How easy you cry,

very tender is my mercy, I am 

washing you white–the scarlet

x-ray flowing through your bones,

Zion, I wait for you, my darling.
I cheated with this prompt. There’s two ‘e’s, but I can’t change it. This was really challenging, with the x. But I love being born in this month. Love it.

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