& I’ll come lift your head

Maybe there’s a loving 
God, who whispers:
on your mark, take this 

cup full of sorrow, a floodplain

you never asked for. There is 

joy as you lay it down–don’t 

hold back those tears, I’ll catch 

them. Here Me reprise this song 

in your heart, this expedition love

you second guess as if I’ve gone 

missing, but how can I forget my beloved 

girl? Who wants to fly, not remembering 

how. I am the Word. I give strength to 

weary, your sword & shield, your help in 

depression, hope in the waiting. I AM 

never forgetting that something changed 

inside you, but I AM healing you.

You are worth more than many sparrows, 

and they do not fall without My word. I 

watch them,

care for them, shelter them, so 

sing: He’s always been faithful. 

And there will be a huge smile and kind eyes with a gentle hand in mine. The images he paints in my head sometimes, wow. 🙋

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