hold tighter to You

I don’t want toadmit I’m afraid of

my heart–the longing 

is deep and wide for attention,

the kind of a lover, a friend. No

one quite understands the way I 

sit & try to push away the fear-

You can’t have a guy as just a friend. You always crave more &

You can’t talk to them normally. I say this to myself and try to justify 

that I’ll be fine with all the worship 

music, if I 

fmf: want

This week I’ve been met with my fear Jesus has left and my longing to be in love. And to have a guy as a friend. I try very hard to hide this second thing because I don’t like how my heart is terrified it could fall apart. Because I can’t seem to break the thought maybe this guy would understand me. Love me through my humanness. And if I I’m honest, I’d like a guy to complete me. But broken doesn’t heal broken, and I should never put that on someone. Especially since I struggle so hard with idolizing, so I’d rather be alone. Or to journal and read God’s word forever. He’s the only one who can complete, heal me because He is complete and I am complete in love with Him.

My head knows that last one, heart is slower and freaked out by all this. 

Sigh. Dear me, please stop analyzing. Pay attention to the longing. You are allowed to have it even if it scares you. Don’t be so cynical either. I know it’s because you are in denial and afraid, but it’s okay. It’s okay to be broken and don’t and wonder if God even sees how you can’t handle yourself and you need Him to fill you constantly. And if it’s okay to be in relationship – want it. It is. Let Him come to you. Let Him love you even as you can’t trust. Sit Him as you are, He hasn’t left you. Doesn’t plan to. He knows all your desires and He will fill them. They are His after all. Your desire for love is His desire for you. Think about that for awhile. I know you are bleeding out your heart, but as you are weak He is strong. His compassion will come again. You are sitting outside in heat and yet there is shade. And Sara Groves is in your ears. And your sister brought you brownies and you mom brought you coffee. The compassion is right here, maybe not in all the ways you want, but here all the same. You are loved, darling. Hope is holding your hand. Don’t let go. Joy is around, beside, ahead. Receive him. 



7 thoughts on “hold tighter to You

  1. Oh I know the struggle. For wanting someone to love and wondering what to do with the unfulfilled desire. Praying you can see the gifts of right now as you wait, hope, and trust! Thanks for writing this post, FMF neighbor.

  2. I love your raw honestly. The fears that keep us from receiving from Him and from others are so real but His love is greater than every single fear and His love will win in our broken, bleeding, captive hearts. Thank God this is what’s true and real. Blessings to you today, and go ahead and receive from Him. Stopping by from FMF #11

  3. But thank you for sharing this, such a deep and difficult thing to say out loud; and I totally hear you!! Your bravery in being in relationship with the lover of your soul is beautiful to witness – again, thank you! Felt like you had taped a conversation in my head, reading this😂😘💗

  4. The swirling chaos of our hearts. I am always amazed at how God loves us so wholly. He meets us in our pain, our longings, the broken places.

    God knows and loves you deeply. May He flood your heart with Himself and bring you to a place of rest.

    Thank you for expressing the wrestling of your heart. You are not alone in the struggle.

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