You’re leading the way

Today, Father, I am
stepping into the fear-

I’ve stripped the burden 

of what was, is here in the valley 

& I sit here with my heart naked.

protect me, Abba, in your love.

Hold me as a mother first holds

her baby, gently. Whisper I will be

okay, you have me, you haven’t left me 

out here to dieZ
fmf: protect. 

The z at the end of “die” is making me laugh on the inside. Yes, God, please no diez.

This poem is related to this guest post I did today, where I wrote about God’s faithfulness in the valley I am in currently. I’ve never done this before, so it’s a lot terrifying. Honestly, my chest is all: heavy, must  breathe in beautiful flowers. Breathe. You think I’d be pumped to share (I’ve wanted to do this for awhile), but my  body is all: I think we need some fig leaves, that was a little too honest. But here is an awesome graphic (Anna has some serious skills) for a piece of wisdom God is teaching me about longing:

It’s so pretty. πŸ™‹πŸ˜

8 thoughts on “You’re leading the way

  1. So honored to share your words and your heart, Julia. And this poem is beautiful. Being vulnerable is hard, so hard…well done you, for stepping into fear to the glory of God.

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