groan is all I’m beginning to know.

Her tail flips up & down 

as I call her name:

June. June. 

It is not audible,

but a whisper–

the same One

who speaks to me

now: I will build you

in the quiet, hollow. 

The places seeming

without light I will be

closest to you.

I do not know what,

If there are any words

to speak, Abba. The pain 

I feel deep, but 
Fmf: build.

I don’t even know what to say anymore, but my eyes are filling with tears. I only know of some of the news, like the men who were killed because of skin color & now shootings in Dallas from Instagram.

And now more from this.

There is pain everywhere I look. It doesn’t have to be from the news on tv, but it all breaks my heart just the same. Jesus. It’s made me stare out the window, watching as the sun goes bright & then falls back a little. It’s made me not want to speak, because I know my words will fail.

But I’m holding on to the fact that Jesus’ love never fails. It never fails to hold us and tend to us and care for us while we are grieving. 

Jesus, be near in all this pain. Open our hearts to hear you & see you. And not rush past, but be with you. Teach us to walk together, no matter the miles, and take down the walls. With a smile, a listening ear, open hands. Come, cradle us in who you are.

(This is what happens when I ramble.)

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