(d) as You bring the rain 

LORD, your voice 
comes through the

thunder & I tremble–

I look up & see the clouds

have hidden the blue. Is this 

the same as You have hidden

my sorrow? In the blood you shed on the 

cross–I don’t know 

how much longer I can wait, but 

I’m keeping still & knowing You are God. 

The One who calls me by name and 

knows the numbers on my head. Stay 

with me, Lord. Hold my han

fmf: hidden.

I’ve thought this week that God has hidden his face from me; despair has had kind of, okay no, a tight grip on me. But through the times I’ve started crying, became mad at myself because my heart is so twisty, and I want to be better, been afraid of temptation that I’ve given into and one I was able to see how God provided a way out by praying instead of diving into it like I generally would; God has been holding me tighter.

Like with this song repeating in my head each morning it seems.

In the morning, You are faithful!

In the evening, You are faithful!

In the noonday, You are faithful to me!

These lyrics play like a record in my head. I’m so thankful He won’t let me go, hasn’t, and just like the song says, is faithful to the end. 🙂


2 thoughts on “(d) as You bring the rain 

  1. He is faithful, Amen! He holds us in the palm of His hand. What comfort that brings to our troubled hearts. I enjoyed reading your post. It is my first time at FMF and it is nice to “meet” you.

    • Nice to “meet” you, too! That is the second time someone has told me He holds us in the palm of his hand. God must be trying to confirm He isn’t as far away as I think. I hope you’ll continue coming back to FMF. I’ve been apart for almost 2 years and it’s been wonderful to meet new people and share our hearts ❤️

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