What do you say?

“Like a dare to be happy?”
This was a question I was asked from a man painting the house. 
I shyly told him yes, because I knew no other way to explain this book while in the midst of it.
I wanted to say more. More than the research I found fascinating. Or how I found a love for making graphics with quotes, and showing him with a happiness I hadn’t felt in months. 

But I was too caught up in experiencing happiness, Experiencer being one of the five styles Jennifer shares about in this book. I was also maximizing my sweet spots of 2 styles I scored highest on: Relater and Giver. We ate some DQ fries and later talked about books we used to read. It was an experience I’ll not soon forget as I am not quick to open up. And the amazement at how my happiness had boosted.
If there was more I could say, I’d tell him, “thanks for fully eating your cake especially made for you from God and showing me it’s okay. We are allowed to be happy. Keep on spreading your slice of happiness.”
And for anyone looking to read this book, let me leave you with this quote from the very end:
Listen for his voice, now, that whisper in your ear: “Go on now, dig in, honey. It’s all yours!”
Who wants to take the dare and eat some more heavenly cake?

5 thoughts on “What do you say?

  1. Wonderful review. I love hearing how it impacted you. It’s been an eye-opener and palm-opener, hasn’t it? And I love the graphics you’ve made.

    • Thank you, Anna. It was such wonderful experience meeting that man and how he opened my eyes to see how Jesus is full of joy & to open my hands to share, heart to receive his words. And I’m going to miss making the graphics, but I’m hoping maybe Jesus will let me make more. ☺️ Yours have been lovely too ❤️

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  3. Julia,
    Loved reading your post and how you found happiness as you shared yours…I need help with making graphics 🙂 Enjoyed your graphics! I wish God had given me the ability and joy in making graphics…But he has given me other gifts for which I am thankful 🙂

    • Dolly,
      I’m glad you enjoyed the post. It was totally unexpected how much happiness I felt from sharing about this book and how much this man was an encouragement without knowing. Would you like help in making graphics for something? I understand the wishing for the ability in something. Making graphics is new to me, but I honestly think I kept going because I really connected with the book and ideas for pictures kept coming. I wish I had the joy in writing longer pieces, like prose without feeling wiped out after awhile, but I’m thankful He has given me the ability to write 🙂

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