a flower’s declaration 

I want to be free,

says the little magnolia 

hanging from the tree.

Won’t someone pick me?

Hold me & say I am pretty?

I’ve been here in the valley 

for so long. The people look 

at me momentarily & walk away. Am I 

only to be brushed

by the wind, wilted by the sun, drenched 

by the rain? 
But in this despair, my petals 

reach out to the sky: I am grateful for

Your love, the water to drink, the heat 

warming, the whisper of Your love on the 

breeze; how You are unfailing.

My God, the only hope I’ve got, ever had 

to bloom was Your faithfulness alone.

You make the broken beautiful –  

how some think they’re halved to stay. A 

seed never to grow in 

the valley where no one wants 

to go. Here where clouds cover or sun 

beats unbearable, but I know. 

Slow. Patient. Intentional.
Don’t forget His love.

He who tends, watches 

over, sings His night song

to cast out all the fear making 

my leaves tremble.

May the words I speak 

make You smile, Lord.

May my heartbeats bring

You closer to remind me

I can’t, never will outrun 

Your love.

Last night, I wrote this while listening to Ellie Holcomb. I don’t know how it happened, but when i heard, Magnolia, I started hearing words of a story in my head. Words that sounded like they where coming from the depths of my soul to God. The cry of my heart. I will never understand the way he works through music and my words, but the peace is beautiful. Knowing that he hears, understands, cares, is something I’m still trying to get to my heart, and reminding myself to tell the truth is even harder. But I’ll sink if not. I’m thankful he knows how to get to me: music and a poem. 🙂

Title inspired by this lovely woman’s poem about who she is.

Favorite line: “Not to fill a hollow

With nothing but sorrow” — yes, yes, and yes. 😍


10 thoughts on “a flower’s declaration 

  1. Love this so much. So beautiful! And I love how music can speak and inspire. I actually wrote my poem while listening to a song too. It was Nobody Knows by The Lumineers. Just the mood of the song connected with me and I had it on repeat as the words to the poem came out. Love how that happens.

    • I’ll have to give it a listen. ❤️ and thank you, I’m glad you like it! I’m constantly inspire by certain songs or artists. Sara Groves is has been inspiring a lot the last year and a half. I love how a line for a poem just pops in my head and then it will carry on with a few more. It’s like being carried with the melody.

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