what do I do?

This path, LORD,

has been full of fog.

Only enough moment 

for one step at a time.

& oh, how I want to run!

I want to do all the things, speak the 

many words that 

my heart has hiding from the 

world, & You. LORD, how You’ve

asked me to sit with You, & I turn back 

into a little girl: Abba,

I’m afraid of this unfailing love.


fmf: path.

This morning I’ve been coloring this: 

when the basement door opens and a cold wind (may have been the air conditioner) comes toward me. But I’m more interested in the open door. 

Jesus, are you opening a door?! and I laugh to myself because I don’t understand this path but I do know I feel a sweet closeness. From the way I’ve been getting up early and wanting to read His Word. Or these opportunities He has opened to me. I don’t know if it’s because of my constant begging, my fear, but I’m pretty sure it’s His unfailing love. And maybe this invitation.

Yes, LORD, show me how I love making graphics for books You let me help launch. And go outside my comfort zone in my writing & a new place I’ve never been before. It feels too much like a dream and my trust is, okay. You sure, God? What if I’m second guessing this? You sure I’m not being pushy, because I can very pushy. Actually, impatient. Very impatient. But I want to see You restore all the locusts have eaten. To do more than I’ve asked or thought according to Your power working in me. How there is no condemnation for me who is in You. How since You didn’t spare Jesus, Your beloved Son for me, You graciously give me all things. Those that are best for me. Because You want to, not because You feel You have to.


satisfy me with Your unfailing love,

give me courage to accept this love –

let me embrace Your goodness & mercy.

& may I find myself safe in Your arms.

12 thoughts on “what do I do?

    • Thank you for even saying I have skills. It feels a bit of a mess right now and a little outside the lines, but I love that it makes me feel five. Thank you for reading and stopping by. 🙂

  1. Oh my goodness, I think I have the same bible as you. I just received it in the mail today. Was so excited to get this beautiful book with the drawings. It’s right up my alley. How amazing they make bibles like these. I’m going to try bible art journaling. Bought a bunch of art supplies for my birthday, and looking forward to experimenting.

    • Yes!!!! I can’t wait to see! I love the places where you can write notes too. I love it and I wasn’t sure I would. It’s the first bible I’ve gotten I can see and really engages me. It feels so precious. I was glad they made this because I’ve been wanting one but didn’t know which one to buy. It was seriously overwhelming. I hope you love it as much as I have! 💕

      • I love it! It took a bit of bravery to do my first page but I got my pencils out and started with something simple. So fun!!! Can’t believe we have the same bible – hehe. I checked the page number and there was the same picture as in your bible.

      • I know! I was scared to do mine! I was so afraid something would bleed through. I love that we have the same bible too – pretty sure God has linked us together as friends 🙂 hope you’ll post a picture on your blog, I want to see your coloring skills! 💕

      • It’s so cool, isn’t it! I’ll post some pictures soon, hopefully. Loving the process of creating and engaging with God through the bible.

      • Hey, I’ll have to watch that later when I’ve got more internet data, sorry. Watching videos sucks up the data, so got to wait four more days. Thanks!

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