Daring Questions

The honesty in this post and what Jesus reveals back is so beautiful. Asking the hard questions isn’t easy, but the healing that comes is what makes us able to see Jesus and help others in their pain.

Joy of the Spirit Within

Do we always dare to both receive and ask the anguished, heartbreaking and deeply dusturbing questions? The question in the Bible that has perhaps the biggest potential to grow and challenge us is Jesus’ question to Peter:

Mark 8: 29 NIV

“But what about you?” he asked. “Who do you say I am?”

And I’m not talking about a rational, head-response, but a heart response. “Who am I to you, Anna?” He asks me.

Here is an insight into the kind of tough questions I asked of God a few days before I went into my first therapy session for PTSD, questions that would drastically change my heart response to the above question. I KNEW the rational head answers I’d read in the Bible, but I desperately needed God’s personal touch. And He heard my cry:
If You’re a Healer, then why did You not heal?

Jesus answered me by…

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