om home?

You collect my tears in

a bottle. Maybe it’s green,

as the jealousy You have for

me. I wonder today, if You put

some of Your own tears in this

bottle to overflow, so that I may 

know how wide You love me. Abba, You 

are on my side, this 

I know. & my enemies will run 

when I call to You for help, but I 

do not know what to say anymore except, whee did I go?

where have all my dreams flown & why do I feel so far away fr

fmf: collect.

So this week, a book was published with stories from five minute friday. This has been a tough thing for me. Because when I joined the community, I wasn’t really looking to write more. Circumstances were so rough and I was confused and hurting. But a friend was like, here, you should try this. (May not have been exact words but eh it’s okay.) I’ve watched it carry me from a move, to my grandma passing away, to another move, and a move back over the summer. And maybe the shock is that I’ve stayed with it for almost two years now, or the community really feels like family, or the fact that seeing my name as Julia Sparrows here instead of my real last name when I published my own book shortly after joining fmf, was the most hilarious thing. Like a gift from God, who must really like to laugh, watch me laugh, and knows that this is so much sweeter among people than on my own.

This community has taught me the power of encouragement & love. I hope you see that if you check the book out. πŸ™‚


8 thoughts on “om home?

  1. I loved your post! I think it’s amazing that you’ve been with the #FMF community for over TWO years! How inspiring! I hope I can stick with it this long– I really love it! Thank you for sharing your beautiful writing. Have a happy Friday! πŸ™‚

    • Thank you, Kaitlin! I’m pretty shocked I’ve been here two years, can’t help but come back ☺️ I hope we both stick it out for ten! πŸ˜‰ thank you for stopping by and I hope you have a lovely Monday! ❀️(replying a little late I know..)

  2. Sounds like this is a very good place for you. We need a place to connect and to have help through things. So glad they were all there for you. I’m very new to FMF but this is definitely a writing activity that pushes you to think through things. Thank you for sharing. – Lori

    • Lori, I’m learning this, to have a place to think through things and let people see your heart. Even when you don’t like how it looks to you. I hope you like it here at fmf, it’s so very welcoming. I’m glad you connected with this. Thank you for stopping by ☺️

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