a confession 

Open the book,

& begin to write 

a letter of my heart-

I’ve always wanted to

be fast, to wear designer 

jeans, sandals, have someone 

always by my side. Their confidence, but 

Lord, how 

how do you like me like this?

broken body, slow as the elderly outside, 

but youthful in spirit. How much does it 

cost to


fmf: mail.

This is what happens when you write to music..you almost don’t get the word in because you’re too caught up in the song. But whoa this prompt made me want to talk about wanting to get mail (book mail is awesome but something about a letter today just would hit the spot. And chocolate. And a hug from a friend. Laughter. You think you could send that all through the mail, Jesus? Because that’d be cool..)  but this also made me think of the letters from friends. And books. And mail I’ve sent all: JESUS! I’m way too excited!! Stamps. We have to have those! I can’t wait til they get it!! The anticipation is high…hope they get it.. 😮😶🤔😅😃 

I love how very random this is. Or silly. I’m going to keep mailing Jesus worship because it’s keeping me awake & I kind of feel he enjoys my delirium this week. So thankful he will sit with me however I am. He’ll wash over me with his love. Yes, that may be from this. I like where you’re going with all these reprises, Jesus. Mhm, I do.

6 thoughts on “a confession 

  1. I love your letter of worship idea to Jesus and how it’s the simple and easy things in life that mean the most – chocolate, a hug, a letter in the mail. Thank you for the reminder – xoxo

    • Thank you, Donna. ☺️ Sometimes it’s that kind of worship that gets me through the mornings of tiredness, the singing. The others are extra bonuses ☺️ you’re welcome. 💕

  2. I’m a week behind but better late than never. After reading your post I listened to the linked song…closed my eyes and just let it wash over me. It seriously just made my morning. If I had your address I’d send you a note of thanks in the mail for making my morning sweeter. 😉 Have a great day! (fmf:Mail)

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