Light of Waiting

He beckon us into stillness, wraps us in delight, breathes life back into weary.” Love this.

Wrap us in delight, LORD, while we wait.

Margot Marie Morris

Advent is the slow and tender of the season.

While I want this to be the time of stringing lights, and finding the perfect two foot pine to hang with gold and stars—I’m actually sitting in a room needing to be emptied.

Instead of the smell of cookies baking and hot chocolate on low heat for the next month, cardboard fills the air and says, stuff me full.

Even though I have season’s hymns on repeat, and I dance to Christmas in the Room every morning with tiny man by the woodstove fire (completely magical), it doesn’t feel like Christmas. Or December. Or presents.

But Advent helps me bend my knees and feel, to take a deep breath of it all again.

Last year I wrote,

How sweet it is to know that God chose the coming of his son, for the keeping of our hearts. So often the pace…

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