bring me to

a place of harmony

with myself &. Others

– let me love myself enough 

– To hold on to this way you 

– inspire me with melody. All the lies 

come at me today; you are unworthy, 

nothing comes your way good but that’s 

not what you say. You say I will see the 

goodness of You while I’m here in the 

land of living. You will make me laugh 

instead of worry. You will bring beauty 

from these ashes I think look more 

appealing than this smile You give me. 

You are good and faithful, intentional & 

fmf: inspire 

I will see the goodness of the Lord while I’m here in the land of the living. This is I know: the Lord is on my side. I am precious. He will be my helper. He will hold me by my right hand. I don’t need to be discouraged, He is my God. I don’t need to be afraid, He is with me. He will strengthen me and uphold me with his VICTORIOUS right hand. Heart, take courage he’s coming with a rain of his blessing. His faithfulness. You’ll see. You won’t be able to miss. So you got rejected from a job you didn’t really want but still hurt. And you got silence for others. So? God has his best for you. His absolute best. He’s coming and in the meantime be grateful:

-friends pray with/for you. 

-they listen and remind you the truth

– that you are a little half way through the bible

-that you can sing and do a little hip shake dance

-you have food/water/shelter/a family who loves you. 

-you stepped out of your comfort zone this week. 

-you are beloved. 

-sister brought you a chocolate moose with marshmallow top. And salmon and asparagus. 

She’s always watching you. Let you sing this to her while you held her as if she’s your child.

Rejection may feel like it’s stinging heavy, but you know it’s not true. Hang on dear heart, he loves you very much. He’ll come through. 


4 thoughts on “holy

  1. This is really nice — thanks so much for sharing. Sometimes ashes DO look more appealing than the smile and joy that comes from God. But His truth and the identity He gives us are always reliable. I enjoyed reading this today.

    Jeannie (your next-door neighbour at #56 in the FMF linkup)

  2. Just popped over from FMF. Have been thinking this week about truths and untruths I hold about myself, partly as FB has exploded w/ transgender stuff this week. Most remarkably, a piece about woman who used to be a man and now wants to be a crip (considers slef transgender and “trans-abled”) … except when she wants to go skiing or climb stairs. Then she gets out of her chair and walks: No miracle there! Just the possible blessing of remembering for an instant who he/she truly is. And I live way too much in disbelief about who God says I am. It’s not disbelief to think I’m not a leader — that’s whatever God decides to do. But it’s disbelief to allow whatever is battering me at this moment to become my core reality. Thanks for dragging me back to the “real reality”!

  3. Your writing is beautiful! This particular post spoke into my life. My husband is looking for a job after being laid off. “So you got rejected from a job you didn’t really want but still hurt. And you got silence for others. So? God has his best for you. His absolute best. He’s coming and in the meantime be grateful:” Goodness, have you been listening to our conversations? 🙂 I am #45 in the link-up.

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