wish to share 


help me

depend on You,

my friend. My savior,

do you see me here, 

unsure of how your kindness

can turn my heart continually

to you. My healer, do you know

the wound, the scar I may bear

makes me think of the kindness 

then when I was so unaware. Could you 

do it again this week? Even if I cry, even if 

I say I’m sorry, may your love

be clear. You care and you know the plans 

you have once 

I take to the air and open my hands to  

all you 

fmf: depend.

Tomorrow, I leave for Texas. All this week has been a battle of my mind with doubt, a spider in the bathroom (that looked like a trantula to my brother..), lots of itching from bug bites, and thinkining I was getting an ear infection… in the midst of this hard stuff, God pours on the good.

1. Watching Hey Arnold, Rugrats, and Doug with my brother (90s children forever.) 🙋

2. Krystal burgers and a chocolate shake from my brother, too. 

3. Finishing Waves of Mercy by Lynn Austin. The audiobook is so good. 

4. Yellow butterflies. I think I’ve said this before but I had them for months before I went to Texas last year. Sometimes I think it’s God, like, hey, I’m leading you. Nothing to fear. 

5. Chocolate pretzel milano cookies, Twilight Delight candy bar (I didn’t even know the name until we got home the other day. God is HILARIOUS getting my  word of the year in when I’m not looking for it.) AND CORN. my dad thinks I could it forever. And honestly? If it was in harvest all the time, I’d be shucking it to eat it. 😂 

6. This podcast episode from Emily Freeman. All about expecting to be surprised. This couldn’t have been more timely and made me feel less alone about using song lyrics/titles for things. There are way way WAY too many poems thanks to Ellie Holcomb’s music that I just can’t help but write 😂 also, now totally want to see a sunrise. 

7. Learning on Tuesday that my seat for the plane ride there is now first class. A friend said, look who’s fancy now? 😂 I’m still in awe since I barely fly and this is just..Jesus. 

8. Great is your faithfulness, O God. this was in my head yesterday and I couldn’t figure out what song it was. And then I looked it up and was like, yeah, I remember this from a playlist I listened to somewhat repeatedly the last summer I saw my grandma. I used to walk half way around the block with my uncle and get lost in music. The warmth of the sun. The fireflies. It was a reminder to me then God pursues..and will continue even now.

God, you are good. You are faithful and true. Let me see your goodness and delight this week. Imprint it on my heart. Fill me up like only you can do. Thank you. Amen. 


4 thoughts on “wish to share 

  1. I enjoyed your poem. I visited from FMF (your neighbor at #60 I think). I do not know your journey, but I pray the Lord’s best for you.
    I too think butterflies are from God. He sends me monarch butterflies every time I need them. Truth.
    God bless you.

  2. I throughly enjoyed meeting you at Declare, friend, yet now as I read your poetry, I’m HONORED to have met you!

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